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Fic: Old Friends, Bookends Part 2/?

Part 1

Disclaimer: See Part 1

Part 2 contains lyrics from “When You Were Young” by the Killers


Part 2: Hello Old Friend


You sit there in your heartache

Waiting on some beautiful boy

To save you from your old ways

You play forgiveness

Watch it now here he comes...


He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus

But he talks like a gentleman

Like you imagined

When you were young…


When You Were Young – The Killers


            The Brigadier heard the doorbell and slowly made his way to the front door.  Age had most certainly caught up with him, but he was glad that his mind was as sharp as ever.  As pleased as he was that The Doctor had returned, he decided that the best tactic was to wait and see if it really was him.  He also had no idea what he looked like now.  He opened the door and was greeted by the sight of a lanky dark haired youth wearing a pinstriped suit, glasses, and a grin.

            “Good evening, I was wondering if I could speak to…”

            “No, you may not speak to Felicity,” the Brigadier said gruffly.  “And furthermore young man, I have no idea why you’re running around with my granddaughter when she has a boyfriend and I really do need to have a word with that girl about her behaviour.”

            The smile on the man’s face seemed to fade a bit as he leaned closer as if inspecting the Brigadier.  “With all respect, Brigadier, I wasn’t here to see Felicity, although it would be nice to see her and Gordon again.  I was actually here to see you.  I do apologise about the lateness of the hour, but you know I was never really one to wear a watch.”

“Do I know you?” 
”Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart, it’s me, The Doctor.”

 “Good Lord, you’ve done it again haven’t you?”

“Quite a few times at last count.”  The grin returned to The Doctor’s face as the Brigadier moved forward to shake his hand.   The Doctor continued to grin as he stepped forward to embrace the Brigadier warmly.  “Aw come on Brigadier, stop being so formal with me.  Friends hug, don’t they?”

The Brigadier had the good grace to look embarrassed, but allowed The Doctor to hug him anyway.  “I do apologise for my rudeness towards you Doctor.  I did have an idea that you’ve returned, but I had no idea what you looked like now.  Besides, I need to find something to entertain myself in my old age.  Please, do come inside.”

“Quite alright Brigadier.  I didn’t really mean to upset you or anything.  I thought I’d just drop in and see how you were doing,” The Doctor said as he followed the Brigadier inside and into the sitting room.  “By the way, what are Gordon and Felicity up to?”

“Gordon recently became a father.  Congratulate me Doctor, I am now a Great-Grandfather.  As for my granddaughter, if everything went according to plan, she should be engaged by now.” 

“Ah, now I see.”    The Doctor grinned wickedly.  “I think that should explain a lot about the couple I saw snogging down in the garage.”

“What are you going on about Doctor?”

“Oh nothing, I saw a light in the garage and I went down to see if anyone was in there and I saw a couple snogging.  I thought it was best not to disturb them, so I thought I’d come and see you.”

“That must have been Felicity and her fiancé.  I really need to have a talk with that girl…”

“Don’t be too hard on her, I think it’s lovely.  I think that love is the one thing in the universe that there isn’t enough of.  I’d rather see a couple snogging than seeing disaster and devastation.”

“Granddad, Arthur and I need to speak to you.”  Felicity walked into the sitting room followed by Arthur.  “There’s a spaceship on our property.”

“Hmm, you don’t say.”  The Doctor got up out his chair and walked over to get a better look at Felicity and Arthur.  “And what does this ‘spaceship’ look like?”
Arthur cleared his throat and looked at the Doctor.  “It looks like a Police Box, sir.”

“You don’t say.  By the way, I’m Doctor John Smith, or the Doctor as Felicity’s grandfather knows me as.  And you are?”

“Sgt. Major Arthur Jones, sir.”   He shook the Doctor’s hand.

“Pleased to meet you Arthur.  I once had a horse named Arthur, but I think he’s still in Revolutionary France.”

            Arthur blushed a bit and Felicity giggled as she held out her hand.  “I’m Felicity.  Good to meet you Dr. Smith.”

  “Good heavens Miss Sakamoto, you’re beautiful!  Let me get a good look at you.  Oh my, look what we’ve got here.”  The Doctor took Felicity’s left hand and raised it to eye level to get a closer look at her ring.  “Good God, that’s a huge rock you’ve got there.” 

            “Um, we just got engaged.” Felicity blushed and held Arthur’s hand.

            “That is just absolutely fantastic.  I’ll tell you Brigadier; children grow up so quickly, don’t they.”  The Doctor hugged Felicity and kissed her on top of the head then grabbed Arthur into a hug as well.  “You’re a very lucky man, Arthur, she’s a good girl.  I can tell.”

            “Thank you sir.”  Arthur looked a bit confused as to what had just happened.  “I think I better get going, it’s late and Mum is expecting me tomorrow for brunch.”

            Felicity sighed.  “I’m sorry I can’t go with you so we can tell them the news together.  I promised my brother I’d baby sit Jonny.”

            “It’s okay, Babe.  I’ll just stop by later or something and see the little tyke, yeah?  Besides, something tells me that you might be needed here.”  Arthur grinned.

            “Oh, very funny!”  Felicity kissed Arthur goodbye.  “I’ll talk to you soon.”

            “Sounds good.  Good night Granddad and it was good to meet you Dr. Smith.”  Arthur waved and left.

            “Doctor, do you know how long you will be staying?” the Brigadier asked. 

            “Hmm, nobody asked me that before Brigadier, so I’m not quite sure how to answer that.  I could use a holiday though.  A couple of days, maybe a week, I just don’t want you to feel put out.”

            “I’m glad you’re at least considering, because I insist you stay here as our guest.  A holiday would probably do you some good.  Can’t be saving the universe all the time, can we?  Felicity, please get the guest room ready.” 

            Felicity nodded and ran up the stairs.  She had the nagging feeling that he seemed very familiar to her; she was just going have to figure out how.  She had a serious case of deja vu, like she’s met him before.  She sighed as she got the guest bedroom ready. Who was this guy?  Was this the same Doctor that Granddad had told her and Gordon stories about?  Was he from some race of aliens like the Green Lanterns from DC Comics who called themselves Doctor?  Whatever it was, she was going to get the answers she needed.  It was about at that moment she felt something winding itself around her ankles.  She looked down and saw a black, tortoiseshell kitten rubbing up against her mewing.  “For the love of Pete, Grim, you’re not supposed to be in here.”  She bent down and picked up the kitten that stopped crying and started to purr.  “You know what, you are such a pain in the ass at times, but I can’t stay mad at you.”  She walked out of the room and placed Grim down in the hallway and he gave her a final look before he bolted.  “Crazy cat,” Felicity muttered before she walked back downstairs where she saw her grandfather and The Doctor in deep conversation.  “Excuse me for interrupting, but the guest room is ready.  As for me, I’m going to get ready for bed.  Goodnight Grandfather, Doctor.”

            “Goodnight, Dear Heart, I’ll see you in the morning.”  The Brigadier blew a kiss to his granddaughter who blew a kiss back and started back up the stairs.

            “Goodnight Fels.” The Doctor called out after Felicity’s retreating figure, which made the Brigadier roll his eyes in exasperation, but he said nothing.  “I think I better get ready for bed myself, something tells me it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.”  The Doctor eased his lanky frame out of the chair he was sitting in and stopped when he noticed the look on the Brigadier’s face.  “Are you alright Brigadier?”

            “Yes, but to be quite frank, when I first saw the way you look currently, I couldn’t help but think that you could pass as one of my grandchildren.”

            “Oh really?”

            The Brigadier nodded.  “In fact, my first thought was I would’ve turned you on my knee and given you a good walloping for being cheeky.”

            “Oooh, Brigadier, how kiiiiiiiinkaaaaay!”

“Good Lord, you’re as bad as the children.  Goodnight Doctor.  The guest room is the first room to the left and mind you, behave yourself.”

“Don’t I always?”  The Doctor gave the Brigadier a cheeky wink and started to head up the stairs. “Oh, and Brigadier?  Thank you.” 

            The Brigadier couldn’t help but smile.  “It’s no trouble at all, Doctor.”



            Felicity sat at the computer checking her E-mail periodically sipping at the mug of tea that sat on her desk.  She decided to send a message to her father in the States, or maybe her friend Mike, about what had happened that evening, from her engagement to the arrival of The Doctor, as soon as she finished up her journal entry.  So much happening in such a short time, so much to take in and process.  She sighed and looked at what she wrote so far:


My day started out pretty quietly, considering that nothing with this family is quiet.  Granddad gave me a car as an early birthday present, and it wasn’t just any car, it was the one that once belonged to that friend of his who called himself “The Doctor”.  I remember seeing it in Granddad’s old photographs from he was in UNIT.  The odd thing was that The Doctor, or Dr. John Smith as he was known, looked different.  He was wearing different clothes and he looked like another person entirely.  How weird is that?  Then there was the arrival of another man who showed up on my grandfather’s doorstep also calling himself “Dr. John Smith” and he looked totally different from the one in the photographs.  Then there was my Physics professor from NYU who also called himself “Dr. John Smith”.  As far as I know, he sadly perished on the September 11 attacks, something that haunts me still to this day.  He was one of the best friends I ever had and I kept hoping beyond hope that he somehow survived.  Another friend of mine, Professor Yates, told me otherwise and said that Dr. Smith’s last words to me were to move forward from the pain and have a fantastic life.  I never forgot him, how the hell can you ever forget someone as wonderful as that? 


However, it got me thinking, what if there was a whole race of aliens who called themselves “Dr. Smith”, you know, like the Green Lanterns in D.C. Comics?  I say aliens because Arthur and I heard this really weird noise while we were making out in the garage (get to that in a minute) and we decided to check it out (aside from my crack about the alien spaceship showing up when the hero and his girl were making out).  Lo and behold, we did find a spaceship; at least we think it was.  It looked like a Police Box; I’ve never seen one before in my life (a Police Box that is).  I seriously thought it was all part of those stories Granddad liked to tell Gordon and me when we were kids about alien invasions and all that stuff.  I took a photo of this Police Box and messaged my brother, I don’t think Gord is going to get to me before tomorrow morning though.  He might know what it is though; I think he met the Dr. Smith from Granddad’s photographs.  He was very young when he met him, so he may or may not remember, however something tells me he might since he remembered the car, otherwise known as “Bessie”.


As for what’s going on with Arthur and me, we just got engaged.   I knew what my grandfather was thinking, “It’s about bloody well time!”  That’s probably what a lot of people we know were also thinking.  Of course, I was so overjoyed that he finally asked me (and the subsequent make out session), that I forgot to show him my new car.  Oh well, he can see it some other time; it’s not that you get engaged every day.


            Felicity sighed and proceeded to save her entry when she heard someone tapping on her bedroom door.  She turned around and saw The Doctor leaning casually against the doorframe looking a bit troubled. 

            “You’re still up.” Felicity remarked.  “Something wrong?”

            “I’m sorry if I’m bothering you, but there is a bit of a problem.”  The Doctor sighed.  “I found something in the guest bedroom that I’m not too happy with and I thought you might be able to be of some help.”

            “I suppose.  You may as well come in and tell me.  You can sit on my bed if you want; I’m not using it at the moment.  Just mind where you sit, the cats like to sleep on my bed sometimes.”  The Doctor entered Felicity’s room and sat on the edge of her bed.

            “The problem is this.”  He held up what he was holding in his hand, which turned out to be one of her grandfather’s nightshirts.  “Really, how can anyone expect me to sleep in old geezer pajamas? You’ve got to be winding me up.”

            Felicity tried to hold back her laughter as she gazed upon the look of horror on The Doctor’s face.  “I’ll see what I can do.”  Felicity got up out her chair and went to a pile of freshly done laundry sitting in a basket.

            “I appreciate the help Fels, I really do.  Just don’t give me anything too girly, yeah?  No Sailor Moon, no Hello Kitty, and cabbage roses are right out; I don’t think I would be able to face your granddad ever again.  Besides, I don’t think I’ve ever been that much in touch with my feminine side as it is.”

            “Oh trust me, I will find something that you’d be able to wear.”  Felicity handed the Doctor a pair of dark gray sweatpants and a t-shirt.  “I think this would be suitable, they belong to Arthur.  I’ll just wash them again.”

            “Cheers!  I think this will do very nicely.  However, it makes me wonder.” The Doctor grinned wickedly. “Sounds like you and Arthur are getting domestic, yeah?”

            “Well, it’s a bit complicated.  He does stay over sometimes, but it’s never in the same room as me.  Trying to keep things somewhat respectable you know.”

            “Ah right, well I’m going to put these on and I’ll be back to have a bit more of a chat with you.”  The Doctor left Felicity’s room closing the door behind him.

            “Fine by me, I’ll be up a little while longer.”  Felicity sighed and turned back to her computer and opened up her e-mail.  She started typing a brief message to her father when she heard a purring from below and saw a black and white kitten rubbing his head up against her leg.  “What do you want Joey?  You want to come up and type with me?”  She leaned down and picked up the kitten that immediately tried to put his paws on the keyboard.

            “Aw, bless, he’s trying to type.”  The Doctor was back in the doorway of Felicity’s bedroom grinning broadly.  He was wearing the clothes that Felicity handed him.  “I must say, thank you very much for letting me borrow these.  Love the t-shirt, ‘Property of UNIT’, that’s fantastic.”

            “Glad you like them.  If you want to borrow a pair of slippers, I’m afraid you’ll have to borrow a pair of mine.”  Felicity indicated to the pairs of slippers lined up by her bed.

            “Cheers!  Not that I really fancy wearing Ladies shoes, but I’m afraid I have no choice.” The Doctor walked over to where the slippers were and suddenly bent down and peered into one of the slippers that were fluffy and purple with animal paws all over it.  “Hmmm, there seems to be a squatter.”  The Doctor carefully reached in and pulled out a tiny Calico kitten.  “Hello there Moggie, aren’t you a pretty one, yes you are.”

            “She does that a lot.  Hide in my slippers that is.”  Felicity giggled.

            “Ah, well looks like this one likes to find refuge anywhere she can.” The Doctor sat on the edge of Felicity’s bed still holding the tiny kitten that was now trying to crawl inside his shirt.  “Frisky aren’t you?   What are you hiding from Sweetheart?”  The kitten was now trying to wriggle free and run off to hide elsewhere.  “You know Felicity, I used to be a cat fancier before I ran afoul of some humanoid cats wearing wimples, though I must admit these kittens are absolutely darling.  What’s this one’s name anyway?”

            “The one you’re holding we call Moggie, we couldn’t decide on what her name should be, so we thought Moggie was just easier.  The one on my lap is named Joey, and there’s another one running around somewhere named Grimalkin, but we call him Grim for short.  Grim likes the guest bedroom, so don’t be surprised if you find someone sleeping next to you.”

            “That explains why I felt like I was being watched.”

            Felicity nodded and decided to turn her computer off.  Whatever had to be done could probably be done sometime tomorrow.  She picked up Joey, set him on the floor, and sat next to The Doctor. “So what does bring you here Dr. Smith?”

            “For starters, Fels, I’d really rather you call me Doctor.  As for my presence here, I thought I’d catch up with some old friends, I haven’t seen your grandfather in a very long time and I wanted to see how you and Gordon were getting on as well.  It’s like catching up with people you’ve come to know as your family.  I miss that.”

            “Doctor, I just met you in my grandfather’s living room a while ago, yet you’re calling me Fels like you’ve known me for a long time.  However, I feel like I’ve known you from somewhere before.”

            “Sort of a déjà vu sort of thing, yeah?” 

            “I guess so.  You see, Doctor, I did know a Dr. John Smith when I was back at New York University.  He taught Physics and I had his class freshman year and somehow we became friends through that.”

            “I remember that.  You and Simon Davies always sat the same two seats in the back of the classroom.  You did most of the talking, but you were always answering questions.  And you usually wore the same Army jacket; my guess was that someone in your family was in the British Army at one point.  And for your birthday, I always managed to get you those adorable cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery with the orange frosting and they usually had those licorice spiders on them, not that I’m fond of spiders.”

            “Doctor, he’s gone,” Felicity said sadly.  “He died as a result of the September 11 attacks and I never saw him again.  Mike, I mean Professor Yates, told me that the people at the hospital asked him to identify the body and that Dr. Smith’s last words to me and Gordon were to move on from the pain and have a fantastic life.”  Felicity got up and went over to her desk where she pulled out a photo and handed it to The Doctor.  The Doctor looked and saw that in the photo was him two regenerations ago, Gordon, and Felicity looking a bit cramped, but they were all grinning from ear to ear.

            “Fels, I did want you to have a fantastic life.  I still want you to have a fantastic life and I’m thrilled that Arthur is going to be a big part of it.  And I wanted your brother to have a fantastic life as well and now he has a family of his own and that makes it even more fantastic.  And yes, Mike found me, but it was after I regenerated into my previous body.  I wasn’t sure how to let you and Gordon know that I was still alive; people just don’t walk out of fallen buildings everyday.  The only person in your family who has seen me regenerate before was your grandfather and as far as I know he’s the only person who has seen me in at least five incarnations before now.  I know Gordon met me while I was in my ‘Dandy Phase’, but he may not have been old enough to remember me very well…”

            “Are you trying to tell me that you are my Dr. Smith?”

            “I am your Dr. Smith, Fels, and Gordon’s Dr. Smith too.  It’s me Fels, I’m alive.”  He hugged Felicity tightly.  “I’m sorry that you thought I was a goner, I am so sorry.”

            Felicity hugged him back.  “Why didn’t you tell me?”

            The Doctor sighed.  “It’s kind of hard to explain Gallifreyan physiology in terms that people can understand.  You kind of have to be there when it happens to understand it.  Sometimes even then it doesn’t quite click.  Maybe you should ask your grandfather about that sometime.”  He released Felicity and looked her in the eye.  “Trust me, I’m not going anywhere.  Not now anyway.”

            Felicity was silent for a moment.  She looked at the Doctor for further explanation.  “When I came to teach at New York University, I was suffering from what you might call ‘Battle Fatigue’.  There was a Great Time War and my home planet, Gallifrey, was destroyed.”  Felicity nodded and the Doctor continued.  “Everything and everyone was gone, nobody that I knew survived, and my home was gone.  I was alone and thought it was best to go back to the other place that I called home during my forced exile.  I applied for teaching positions where I could and accepted the first University that offered me a job.  New York City wasn’t exactly London, but somehow I made it work.”  The Doctor sighed.  “The one thing I never really expected was to reconnect with people from my past, Mike Yates for one.  I had no idea that he was teaching, it was brilliant.”

            “Oh yeah, Professor Yates, Simon thought his classes were going to be easy.  He didn’t expect that we were going to get all these essay tests and term papers.  Poor Simon went berserk.  I guess that is to be expected if you’re thinking you’re going to get an ‘easy A’ in a class.  As for the whole being alone thing, I can totally understand that.  I’ve been pretty much alone my whole life.  I never really had anyone who I could safely say was my best friend until college.  We moved around quite a bit when I was younger, so I never really stayed in one place long enough to make any friends.”  Felicity sighed sadly.  “I also know what it’s like to lose someone, my mother died when I was six years old.  Dad had to pretty much raise Gordon and me on his own.  It wasn’t easy.  And Grandma Doris passed away not too long ago.  I never really remembered Grandma Fiona, but she wasn’t around much anyway, I guess.”

            The Doctor reached for Felicity and hugged her again.  “My poor Lonely Angel, I had no idea.  I wish I were there more often for you and Gordon.  But you two turned out okay, yeah?  Gordon has grown into a wonderful young man; he has a family of his own now and probably still has a fantastic job.  You, what can I say, you have grown into a lovely young woman.  Beautiful, intelligent, and you’ve got a fellow who would give his life for you and more.  He also obviously worships the ground you walk on because Arthur is obviously a smart enough man to recognize the Goddess that you truly are.  As for me, I think that you’re a bit of a cheeky monkey.”    The Doctor released Felicity again, this time grinning wickedly.  Felicity couldn’t resist but to grin back.  “Ah, there’s my girl,” the Doctor said affectionately ruffling Felicity’s hair.  “Now that is what I want to see.”  Felicity sniffled as The Doctor reached for the nearest box of tissues.   “Right then, let’s talk of happier things.  I can’t believe that you and Arthur are getting married, I remember when he was just a shy young lad coming to Yours Truly for advice on dating. He was so sweet about it.  Not that I would know anything about women, except for that they seem to find me irresistible.  Can’t understand why…”

            Felicity smirked at The Doctor.  “Modest, aren’t we?”

            “Modest?  Me?  Nah.  I’ve been told I was rude though.  Rude, but not ginger.”  The Doctor frowned.  You know Fels; I was hoping with this regeneration, I would be Ginger.  But fate has been cruel not to make me Ginger.”

            “Dude, I think you lost me on that one.”

            “Never mind then.  Anyway, I wanted to hear about you and Arthur.   Do his parents like you?”  Felicity nodded.  “Riiight, of course they would.  No, they should love you.  What’s there not to love about you?”  The Doctor jumped off the bed and started to pace back and forth.  “Arthur’s parents are probably going to be thrilled to have you as a daughter-in-law.  And I’m sure your dad is going to be ecstatic about having Arthur for a son-in-law.  Oh, and Gordon, he’ll be beyond thrilled.  I already know that your grandfather is pleased with your choice for a husband, but the Brigadier was always a good judge of character.  And the wedding, wow, that’s going to be fantastic.  I can just imagine it, a big Highland affair; bagpipers, good friends, family.”  The Doctor stopped his pacing.  “Oh my, your grandfather is going to be wearing a kilt, isn’t he?”  Felicity looked a bit disturbed and nodded.  “AHA!  I knew it.  It’s been worth sticking around as long as I have, even if it is just to see that.”

            “Doctor, I’m not sure what you’re supposed to be getting at.”

            “Felicity, when you have been around as long as I have, there are some things that are worth waiting for to see.  And I have never, and I repeat, never, ever seen your grandfather wearing a kilt.  Full military dress uniform, I have seen many an occasion, but never a kilt.  Besides, it would nice to go to someone’s wedding for once.  Something happy, something to celebrate.”  The Doctor put a brotherly arm around Felicity and pulled her close.  “You have to celebrate the small things as well as major events.  Being alive is always something to celebrate.  Especially when you’ve cheated death so many times like I have.”  The Doctor leaned in and kissed the top of Felicity’s head.  “Maybe we should talk in the morning, it’s late and I think we should get some sleep.  Besides, I’ll be here for a little while.” 

            “That’s probably a good idea.  I’ve had a long day as it is.”  Felicity leaned over and gave him a sisterly peck on the cheek.

The Doctor and Felicity both got off the bed and Felicity picked up Moggie (who had somehow managed to run off and hide under her bed) and then pulled back the covers on her bed.  Felicity climbed in and The Doctor pulled the covers over Felicity while Joey climbed on top of the duvet and snuggled somewhere next to Felicity’s knees purring.  Moggie situated herself on one of the pillows that Felicity wasn’t using and stared at The Doctor.

“Sleep well, kiddo.  I’ll see you in the morning then.”

            “Promise?”  Felicity murmured sleepily as she turned on her side and snuggled against the pillows closing her eyes.  Joey jumped up suddenly and glared balefully at Felicity. 

            “You have my word Fels.”  The Doctor leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead.  He saw that she was asleep; then he went over to the light switch and turned the lights off.  He shut the door behind him quietly, and stood in the hallway outside her room smiling.  It felt like he was home again.





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